Forced self-isolation order bothered? Do not rush to be upset, quarantine measures will be an excellent help in mastering a new one! We offer you to plunge into the world of the popular Latin dance Jive under the guidance of the brilliant dancer Timur Imametdinov!

Timur is a winner of many international competitions, the champion of Germany and Russia, the bronz medals-winner of the World Championship in the Latin American program of 2019, the two-time vice-world champion in 10 dances, the two-time champion of Europe, North & East European champion and the Honorable Master of Sports of Russia.

In the lesson you will learn Rhythmicallyty in Jive. Also you will learn a special routine for practice at home. And of course you could ask questions and Timur Imametdinov give you answers.

The lesson «Jive» are going to start on May 22 at 17:00 (Moscow time), hurry up to check in!

Friends! In the context of the continuous struggle of mankind with coronavirus, it is important not only to observe security measures, but also to support categories of the population who are in a particularly difficult situation. Funds received from online lessons will be donated by Timur Imametdinov to the charity fund «Волонтеры в помощь детям-сиротам».

Watch the release of new lessons on the tab online broadcasts.


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