7.04 Online samba lesson with TIMUR IMAMETDINOV

We continue our livestream lessons with Timur Imametdinov!

Timur is a winner of many international competitions, the champion of Germany and Russia, the bronz medals-winner of the World Championship in the Latin American program of 2019, the two-time vice-world champion in 10 dances, the two-time champion of Europe, North & East European champion and the Honorable Master of Sports of Russia.

In the lesson we will work on basic figures and learn how to use body weight.Also we will learn a small routine for practice at home. And of course you could ask questions and he will give you answers.

The lesson of a samba are going to start on April 7 at 17:00 (Moscow time), hurry up to check in!

Timur would like to thank everyone who join his lessons, together we are helping children.


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